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Introducing our New Scheduling Portal, Time To Pet!

We are so grateful to our returning clients and new feline friends for trusting Carmen and the team at Slinky Cat at Home with their purrecious pet care!  A lot has changed in the past two years, and we recognize our clients and our team would all benefit from a more organized booking system.  Introducing…
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Separation Anxiety in Cats & the Hooman’s who love them

In these pandemic times, do your Cats need space or do your Cats need you?  As professional cat sitters and kitty caregivers, we have learned a lot about how to read a cat’s wants or needs when their hoomans travel. We also believe that over the years, cats have been mis-judged in many instances. You’ve…
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RESPECT Your Cat Day 03/28/2020 Amidst the COVID19 Chaos

No Cattitude Here! This is a genuine letter from our beloved Siamese, Prince Waffles the Cat – The Original Slinky Cat – to Hoomans everywhere about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting him and Slinky Cats all around the globe whilst we co-exist like never before. Dear Hoomans, Tomorrow, March 28th, 2020 is RESPECT YOUR…
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What Cats Can Teach Us About Mindfulness

Last spring my daughter fell ill with a chronic pain in her upper GI track. Her doctor prescribed hypnotherapy to calm her anxiety when the pain felt too intense. She even sent us a recording via text on a Friday night at 10 pm to help my daughter. Over the next few months we alternated between…
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The Slinky Cat Guide to Naming Your Cat

As we near Slinky Cat at Home’s 1st Anniversary, I recently stopped to reflect on each and every kitty who has joined our Slinky Cat colony this past year. And to my surprise, only two of nearly 75 cats share the same name. (Simba) Typically we are introduced to a kitties name, followed by, “well…
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Tips to Prepare for your Kitties Staycation

Booking a trip can feel like a job in and of itself. You have to take care of travel, hotel, rental car, whilst thinking of your travel itinerary while away. It can be fun and overwhelming; especially when you turn your focus back to preparing your home and your furry felines for their upcoming staycation.…
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