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Slinky Cat at Home provides expert kitty care to cats and the humans who love them.



Kitty in need of a nail trim? 

We find it’s often easier for both you and your furry feline when someone else does the nail trimming. We can get it done during your kitties staycation and purrvided your kitty is open to trimming their little razors.


$35 fee

Life got you feeling like a crazy cat parent? Not to worry, we can help. Pick up and drop off for vet visits, food, litter, and toy shopping, or simply a quick visit as a pooper scooper for you or a friend in need.


Call for pricing...

Whether for medical situations or extended travel, Slinky Cat at Home is prepared to provide long-term in-home care to your furry feline. Our experienced kitty caregivers are available and flexible to meet your needs. We view pets as family and are delighted to be there for you to take the pressure off so you can focus on you; whether it be to get back to optimal health during and after surgery, or to take that European vacation you’ve always dreamed of.  We got your back, and your cat covered. 





Our kitty caregivers are well trained  and experienced in giving Oral & Transdermal Medicines and Dietary Supplements to the felines in our care.


We also have you covered for SubQ Injections, Insulin for Diabetic kitties or other health concerns.


$35 per drop-in visit or 30-minute walk

We all know Puppies Rule, so we can break our own Cat Rules and check in on your new puppy, provide drop-in visits to care for your dog, or walk your handsome doggie weekdays. 30-minute visits at a minimum. 

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We look forward to serving you and your kitty family