Are you Licensed and Insured?

Yes, of course. Animal safety is our top priority. Slinky Cat at Home is licensed in the state of California and every Slinky Cat kitty caregiver is insured by Pet Care Insurance (PCI), our coverage also includes and Animal Bailee rider to best protect your furry felines while in our care.

Do you offer Drop-In care every other day?

Unfortunately we do not. As expert kitty caregivers we have seen that kitties do better when their daily routine is upheld in your absence. We do better too, as not knowing if your kitty has eaten well, pooped even, or tipped their water over causes us sleepless nights. We strive for peace of mind and the safety of the animals in our care on all accounts. A visit at least every 24 hours is necessary in order to ensure your kitties wellbeing when you are not at home.

How should we best prepare for your visits?

We plan for a Meet&Greet visit to your home and to get to know your kitty well in advance of your travel. During this meeting we review our Enrollment Forms and Kitty Care Instructions with you in great detail. We will also make recommendations to prepare your home and the kitties for their best staycation ever!

How long do you stay with our kitties?

We tailor every visit to meet your kitties needs every time. We have found that in order to do so we need no less than 30 minutes. We focus our attention to what we feel the kitty needs upon our arrival; sometimes that’s food and sometimes it’s affection or play time. In general 15 minutes are devoted to enriching activities with the kitty and 15 minutes are dedicated to feeding, cleaning, and litter/home maintenance details. With that said, we are happy to book visits together or accommodate multiple visits in the same day.

Will it always be you at every visit?

As the founder of Slinky Cat at Home, I have hand selected and trained an elite team of kitty caregivers. We all speak C.A.T. and LOVE what we do. Our clients enjoy getting to know our entire team. That’s important for you and your furrbabies. We always communicate any change in kitty caregivers, but for the most part you will know at the beginning of your kitty’s staycation who the primary caregiver will be.

Do you charge a Holiday Surcharge?

Yes. Animal care is a loving job that runs 24/7 and 365 days per year. In order to accommodate our wonderful clients who often travel over peek holidays, we have built a team of loving and dedicated kitty caregivers who have modified their own holiday schedules to provide uninterrupted care to our Slinky Cats and the Humans who love them. This is how we share our appreciation of their availability during our busiest times of the year.

What happens if my cat gets sick while I am away?

As expert kitty caregivers we have systems in place to monitor your cats behavior and health during every visit. In the off chance your kitty gets sick, we will contact you immediately. Should you not be available we will contact your emergency contact. If the situation is dire, we will first take your kitty to the vet listed on your Vet Release form. Or, if after hours, to the nearest 24hr Emergency Vet. Once your special kitty is under the Doctors care we will call you together.

Do you administer medications, supplements, or shots to cats?

Yes, of course! Many of our Slinky Cats take daily oral and topical medicine and/or supplements for their optimal health. We can administer insulin and/or provide extraordinary care for felines that are just coming out of a health situation. Extra fees apply.

Do you provide long-term kitty care?

We adore our long-term kitties and have a proven track record that they can not only adjust, but thrive in their home environment while their humans are on an extended vacation, or recovering at the hospital for an extended period of time. Our focus in providing long-term kitty care is to ensure the kitty stays active and engaged during your absence so you can focus on you.

How far in advance should we reserve with you?

Reserving your kitties staycation at the time you make your travel arrangements is ideal. We appreciate bookings that are at least two weeks prior to your travel dates. Last minute bookings are accepted but may trigger additional fees in the event we have not yet met you or your kitties.

Do you provide overnight cat sitting / house sitting services?

Overnight cat sitting services are not common and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In our experience Cats, more than dogs, have found us to be an intrusion to their space rather than receiving additional security in having us there. They are like, “who the heck are you? … that’s not our bedtime routine…” . We are happy to discuss options and tailor a Kitty Staycation that is ideal for all concerned.

What are your hours?

Our business telephone, 619-865-9476 operates from 8am – 6pm Monday-Saturday. We offer Drop-in Kitty Care Services between 8am – 8pm on a daily basis.

What is your cancellation policy?

We appreciate as much advanced notice as you can give us. Additional fees may apply to reservations cancelled under 48 hours before you travel and within a week of every major holiday.

Do you care for other animals? Dogs? Fish?

Even though we are all about cats, we could never say no to a Doggie, and we all know Puppies Rule. Koi and Betas are favorites too. So yes, on occasion we are happy to welcome other animals to our Slinky Cat colony. Pricing for Puppy check-ins and Dog Walking are similar to our Drop-In fees for kitty care $35/visit currently.

Interested in our services now?

We look forward to serving you and your kitty family