10 Matchmaking Questions For You and Your Cat’s Future Kitty Caregiver

A fantastic feline caregiver will be able to answer these matchmaking questions to ultimately provide you peace of mind in booking their services and help ease separation anxiety for both you and your special kitty when you have an opportune time to travel again.


How long have you been caring for cats and why?

Truly, you’d like to see and hear that a potential kitty caregiver shares a genuine love of cats and that they have warm testimonials from existing clients that show they really care about cats. Many animal caregivers pet sit for both dogs and cats. We often hear how happy our clients are that our focus is just cats. No offense, but some dog people still tend to believe that cats are independent and not needy at all….bzzz… Wrong answer! Take note of the potential kitty caregivers’ ‘why! That may trump all and bring you confidence they are the best person to care for your special feline.


How will you communicate with me when I’m gone?

In today’s digital age, this is a really important question, especially if you are getting back to traveling and booking a dream vacation overseas. Some animal caregivers can communicate through their personal phones, text messaging or WhatsApp (international), or through a third-party scheduling app. But more important is how often you will hear from them. We recommend a check-in at the end of every visit. Pets are family, you may have cameras to stay in touch and observe your kitty, but knowing that they are eating and pooping regularly, as well as engaging with the kitty caregiver helps bring you peace of mind so you can get back to enjoying that long-awaited vacation.


How will you adapt to my kitties’ care needs?

One thing is for sure, every kitty has a unique purrsonality and their hoomans all have different kitty care routines for them. An ideal kitty caregiver will be flexible to meet your detailed care instructions and do what they can to uphold the kitty’s daily routine. As professional kitty caregivers, we really appreciate the attention to detail and provide forms to help all our clients communicate their kitties’ care needs. We won’t hesitate to recommend the best services to sustain your kitties’ daily routine.


My cat always hides, how will you care for him?

They say patience is a virtue and we think that was quoted by a cat. Earning their confidence may take time. How will the potential kitty caregiver bide for their trust and affection? And is the kitty really hiding? Or have they simply retreated to their ‘safe’ spot? If it is indeed their safe spot, then you’d be looking to hear that the kitty caregiver recognizes where the kitty is most comfortable and that they are prepared to support the kitty in your absence wherever they may be. This may take time, so take their recommendation to book a longer visit, no less than 30 minutes, maybe even 45. Once the kitty recognizes the caregiver, they will relax and venture back out for pets and love.


What qualities do you have that make you a good caregiver?

You’re looking for responses that show the kitty caregiver’s trustworthiness, that they have integrity, are honest, loyal, and responsible. It’s not easy to invite people into your home, let alone to care for your precious purrbabies). Do they make you feel comfortable, and show purrfesionalism and enthusiasm to take care of both your cat and your home?


Are you licensed and insured?

Another question to help assess the professionalism of a potential kitty caregiver is to ask whether or not they are an actual business; are they licensed in your city and insured to both protect your home (often known as bonded’), as well as for the health and well being of your fur family? They should be licensed, bonded, have business insurance, workers comp if they have employees, and pet care insurance with an animal baile rider that protects your kitties in the event of any health emergency or medical crisis.


How should we best prepare for your visit?

In most instances when speaking with potential kitty caregivers, they will recommend a Meet & Greet to come and meet you, your cats, and tour your home and review your cat care instructions. After reviewing your instructions, they should make recommendations on how to best prepare your home and your fantastic felines for an optimal, stress free kitty staycation.


What happens if my cat gets sick while I am away?

On the off chance your kitty gets sick while you are away, the kitty caregiver should contact you immediately. If the situation is dire, most likely they would take your cat to the vet listed on the Vet Release Form. Or, if after hours, to the nearest 24hr Emergency Vet. Once your special kitty is under the Doctors care they will call you together.


Will it always be you at every visit?

Many pet sitters fly solo, while other companies may employ and/or contract with others to provide animal care in their absence. You may meet the owner, but not the support at a Meet & Greet. One thing to look out for is whether or not the pet sitter is an employer or contracting other pet sitters as a backup. Employers have the ability to work as a team, all employees have been well vetted, background checked, and trained by the employer. Lending confidence that anyone coming into your home will provide the same level of service and care as the owner. With that said, we feel it is important to let every client know who their primary kitty caregiver will be prior to embarking on a vacation.

Feline Health Concerns

Do you administer feline medications, supplements and/or insulin or sub-q fluids to cats?

In order to identify feline health concerns and/or oversee the administration of medications a potential kitty caregiver will let you know they are a great observer, they pay attention to food consumption and provide daily poop reports. In the event kitty is on the mend and in need of medication, you’re looking for a caregiver with experience, preferably a vet tech that can administer medications, monitor blood glucose, and/or identify when a trip to the vet may be necessary.


Do you do anything that goes above and beyond when you visit?

There is no right answer but if they do something, that’s a good find! For example, currently, in our #catlady bag you might find our favorite mouse laser, nail clippers, catnip spray, and a pom-pom toy. We also love to bring in our enrichment feeders to help keep your cat’s mind active and engaged while you are away.

We hope this list helps you find a purrfect match and long-term kitty caregiver. After all, what you really want to know is that your precious purrbaby is well taken care of while you are away. Peace of mind comes from knowing that in addition to meeting your cat’s daily needs and routine, you will hear that they are exercising, playing, and engaging in enriching activities. Not to mention fully loved in your absence.

At Slinky Cat at Home, we are purrfessional kitty caregivers. We truly love what we do and appreciate the opportunity to do it. We tailor our services to match your kitties’ needs. Every Time Every Visit. Booking is a breeze by clicking “Schedule Now” in our menu above.