The Slinky Cat Guide to Naming Your Cat

As we near Slinky Cat at Home’s 1st Anniversary, I recently stopped to reflect on each and every kitty who has joined our Slinky Cat colony this past year. And to my surprise, only two of nearly 75 cats share the same name. (Simba)

Typically we are introduced to a kitties name, followed by, “well that’s their name, but we call them (this or that)….. for short” indicating most kitties have many names; love names, naughty names, and nicknames too!

This differs greatly, in my humble #catlady.notcrazy opinion, to the many dogs I had the pleasure to meet while running a doggy daycare franchise. During that time, I met the most amazing doggies, many of whom shared the same name  – there were several named Bella, Sophie, Charlie, Luna, Bailey and Cooper just to name a few.

Could it be that dogs are given more humanized names as man’s best friend? And that cats quite frankly attract more unique names; names with cattitude and/or royalty or mythical legends representing stealth and strength???

So how do you name a cat? We believe their is a little magic to the process and have found many of our clients feel the same.

Our Original Slinky Cats, Princess Heart and Prince Waffles (for short) each have several names that reflect a special meaning to us at the time and place when they entered our lives. They have a short name and many other names we use in the moment.

Needless to say, we want to share our naming technique so you can see the similarities or plan how to name the next furry feline that captures your heart forever:

Our cats:

Princess Heart Misti Ocean Loca aka Mitchi

Prince Waffles Waffito Indigo Rocket aka

Bubbagoosh, Rocket Man, or simply Waffles

How did we name them?

Step 1:

  • Start by picking A name of royal heritage

            Princess, Prince, Sir, Madam, Your Royal Heinous, King , etc.

Step 2:

  • Choose a name or word closest to their most unique characteristic

            Heart – Our kitty girl has a heart tattoo where she was spayed

            Waffles – He was a foster kitty from  ‘Litter W’

Step 3:

  • Pick A location or language of origin

            Misti – A volcano in Peru – representative of when Marina was 5 and she was fascinated by volcanos

            Waffito – a Spanish play on his name and Despacito was airing then too (the girls even made up a song to the tune for Waffles 1st birthday.

Step 4:

  • Choose a name for the color of their eyes

            Ocean / Indigo …could be Safire, Topaz, Emerald, etc.

Step 5:

  • A verb or adjective that describes their purrsonality

            Loca – she was a crazy kitty girl – also plays on our love of Spanglish

            Rocket – he is a rocketman …steamrolling anything in his path at lightening speed.

Step 6:

  • Their ‘aka’

Mitchi – is how you call a kitty in Peru …instead of saying here kitty kitty kit you say Mitchi Mitchi Mitchi. We used Minu Minu Minu with waffles at first, that’s how you call a kitty in French – but it didn’t stick for long

Bubbagush has absolutely no meaning, (a frequent naming technique) it just started happening, so no pressure to decide on the aka when you first name your new kitty.  

A final note about ‘aka’s…as purrfessional kitty care givers, we love knowing the ‘aka’s. Kitties often pay attention to what is most familiar to them. Especially if it’s how you call them to dinner!

Happy naming your special feline, and please don’t be surprised if we add a few names to your kitties while in our care. We often name the entire cat family clan (hint; first initials of cat mom and cat dad//then last name…DJ Clan). And for sure you may hear us cat calling the Slinky Cats in our care simply as Mama or Papa. Those are easy to say in a low tone and loving way, so far our Slinky Cats know we speak cat so they tend to respond no matter if we call them by name.

Hugs and purrs, Carmen